Where Food Comes
From, Inc.

Where Food Comes From, Inc.

Where Food Comes From, Inc.

Where Food Comes From (NASDAQ: WFCF) is a closely held public company based in Castle Rock, CO, and a leading provider of independent third-party verification services for food producers, processors, distributors and retailers throughout the United States. Silvergrove was engaged to represent the company in the execution of an acquisition strategy to extend its verification capabilities across all food groups and supply chain participants. The ongoing process has resulted in several successful transactions, including most recently the acquisition of Sterling Solutions. Based in Vale, Oregon, Sterling is a leading provider of verification services to large dairies, calf ranches, cattle operations and feed yards in the Western U.S. and the Pacific Northwest. Silvergrove initiated an extended dialogue between the principals of WFCF and Sterling in 2010 regarding the strategic potential of a combined organization, which culminated in a deal completed in October, 2014. The transaction expanded WFCF’s presence in an important geographic region and further consolidated its leadership position in the industry. Previously, Silvergrove represented WFCF in the acquisition of Validus Ventures, LLC, based in Urbandale, Iowa in September, 2013, and the acquisition of International Certification Services, Inc. (“ICS”), based in Medina, North Dakota in February, 2012. The acquisition program for WFCF has created significant value for shareholders through sustained increases in the company’s market capitalization.

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